Updates and Stylus

Hey guys, I lost my stylus for my tablet. I’m ordering one and it should be in by Friday. I need to catch up on my buffer. So no hiatus or anything yet, but I wanted to keep you informed. Thanks for reading my comic!



Steps for Interpretation

Okay, so I was going to try to put this in comic form, but since it’s really someone else’s copyright, I’ll just tell you where to find it and continue the comic as normal.

Robert A. Johnson’s Inner Work contains a method to interpret dreams in 4 steps. You can find his book on amazon or through the kindle store. The second half of the book is about active imagination, but I don’t recommend practicing active imagination. I think it’s dangerous.

In any case, I use those 4 steps for dream interpretation sometimes. Hope that’s helpful. Let’s move along, shall we?


Wednesday 06/14/2017

Still working on the comic, and thinking of going back to Makai Mart, the original setting. There are some things I can do with it, but I may have John Frost go on an adventure or follow a different character around for a while. I really think my comics  get better and better each year. I’m hoping that continues, because if it does, eventually they will get noticed. Not that that’s why I do it, as money isn’t a motivator for the comic, but I would love to have fans of my comic read it and for me to interact with them on some level. That might be you one day.





Well, comic’s in full swing again. I wasn’t sure that would happen, but I am so glad and grateful. I’ve taken another break from videogames on the principle that I can spend that time and energy in a more creative way. I’m not exactly sure what this means for me, but I’m hopeful. Work is going well, and I’m enjoying the time from having a part time job rather than a full time one.

I don’t think many people read this blog or see these comics. I would love for my comics to be enjoyed, but even if they’re only enjoyed by me creating them, that’s reason enough to do it.

I don’t know how long the doodle world arc will last. Provided Muffin gets roughly one color a month, it may take 5 or 6 months to restore her world, and even then, I like not having to color backgrounds, although I would like to add panels or something. I’m learning just how free you can be in illustrated narrative. Even without panels, I have no trouble following the story. Maybe we’ll have an epic climax of the arc, and then I’ll panel and color everything but the backgrounds. Maybe we’ll find a new protagonist in an old setting, or maybe return to a previous theme with fresh ideas.

Thanks for reading my comic.



I’ve been doing a comic weekly, but I’m afraid I’ve forgotten to upload them 😦

So here are the comics. We’ll still do one per week  I guess. Unless someone comments and wants to see two this week.

Okay, thanks for reading.


The comic returns?

It’s a bit early to be writing that title, but I made a comic today. If I can do that once a week, which shouldn’t be too hard, then perhaps I can continue to create it.

I haven’t felt like making it in a few weeks, but when i was spitballing for new material, I was inspired. Thank you Lord!


And thank you, for reading my comic!



Okay, so, I took a month off to kind of reassess the web comic. I don’t think I can continue it currently, not on a regular update schedule. So I’m going to, Lord willing, focus on writing. I will still make art, and while I may be making comics, they won’t be weekly. I hope that doesn’t disappoint any of you, but this is not turning away from a dream, but setting it on the back burner while I pursue other things. Maybe one day I’ll come back to it.

This was my oldest childhood dream, so going away from it seems odd. Yet there is no sadness, no regret, and that makes me think I’m doing the right thing. Well, the comics will update for two more weeks. If anything changes between now and then, I’ll let you know.

Thank you for going with me on this journey. I am not going to stop being creative, but I’m going to try other things. Thank you so much for reading my comic! 🙂


Yearly vacation and hiatus

Okay, so I’d like to take the month of December off. Maybe I can catch up on the buffer, and work on this some more. The truth is that I don’t enjoy it like I used to, and comic compared to videogames, sadly, leaves me choosing videogames over the comic. I’m sad about that, but not sad enough to change. So, I’ll let you know towards the end of December  what’s going on. If I can redo the buffer, then I’ll continue with the comic. If I can’t, we may be looking at a longer hiatus. I feel blocked right now. However, the block doesn’ quite extend to writing, so maybe I can do that for a while.

Thanks for reading my comic, and I covet your prayers.


Changing Websites

This site is okay for webcomics, but it’s hard to navigate around the pages. So I’m going to put the future ones on Tapastic. It’s a free service, and it’s very friendly to mobile devices. I guess I’ll update here for a few more months at least, but then you can get them on the other site. Questions or comments? Shoot me an email at kllyhl3000@icloud.com


Test post

Okay, so I don’t know exactly how to say this or what to say. I feel like my comic needs some work. For those of you that love to read it, thank you so much! I’m going to continue making it. However, to publicize it as it is now, before I feel like I’ve gotten my style fully developed as writing goes as well as art, I want to take it off of some social media. It will be on facebook and tapastic and of course the website. Here is the link to tapastic.


I think I owe that site an update. Anyway, if you like the comic, short of a con, that’s where you’ll find it, other than the website. I am so proud of it’s two year run, and hope to do at least 8 more years, but who knows? During that time I will be reading and making physical art. I hope that will keep me improving.

If you would like to email a note or communicate with me, you can at kllyhl3000@icloud.com

Thank you for your support. This is not the end. We will continue.