Lack of Posts

Sorry guys. I wasn’t watching the updates and we got behind. So I have two weeks scheduled. I almost put them up together today, which would’ve left no buffer but would’ve caught you up and paid what I owe you, I guess?

October is a hard month for me, so I’ll try to be more together in the future. Thanks for reading my comic!

I’m going to start a new comic soon, something I’m excited about. I hope you’ll be excited about it, too.



I want to make the comic better. The art will come in time, but I’m working on the writing of the scripts. Trying to do something I find interesting, compelling. Please be patient with me.  I want a better comic for all of us, and I’m hoping that’s what will come about. October is almost over, and it’s not been so bad, but I’ve got some stuff coming up at the end of the month, so..

Thanks for reading, and Lord willing, we’ll be back and kicking!


Comic back to normal

Okay, the block is gone. So comic’s moving on as normal. Only problem is that the Tapas one is ahead by a few weeks. That’s because there were some comics I deemed to personal to put up there. So I need to put some buffer up to help me sync them. I’m not really sure the best way to do this.  Please be patient.

Thanks for reading my comic!


Got my stylus back

I got my stylus back! Now I can do digital art again! I think we’ll keep up with the mini’s comic for a bit, but now with digital art, paper craft, and maybe some fabric work, too, like the floor under Nogi in next week’s comic. Thanks for reading my comic!muffin and john frost doodle

Here’s a small doodle I made digitally. Hooray!


Stylus Ordered

Okay, I ordered a stylus from Wacom. Hopefully it’ll be here in time. I need it in 8 days, as the latest update is tomorrow. I was hoping to get caught up on my buffer. Well, I’ll just have to work harder. Thank you for reading my comic! We will overcome!


Updates and Stylus

Hey guys, I lost my stylus for my tablet. I’m ordering one and it should be in by Friday. I need to catch up on my buffer. So no hiatus or anything yet, but I wanted to keep you informed. Thanks for reading my comic!



Steps for Interpretation

Okay, so I was going to try to put this in comic form, but since it’s really someone else’s copyright, I’ll just tell you where to find it and continue the comic as normal.

Robert A. Johnson’s Inner Work contains a method to interpret dreams in 4 steps. You can find his book on amazon or through the kindle store. The second half of the book is about active imagination, but I don’t recommend practicing active imagination. I think it’s dangerous.

In any case, I use those 4 steps for dream interpretation sometimes. Hope that’s helpful. Let’s move along, shall we?


Wednesday 06/14/2017

Still working on the comic, and thinking of going back to Makai Mart, the original setting. There are some things I can do with it, but I may have John Frost go on an adventure or follow a different character around for a while. I really think my comics  get better and better each year. I’m hoping that continues, because if it does, eventually they will get noticed. Not that that’s why I do it, as money isn’t a motivator for the comic, but I would love to have fans of my comic read it and for me to interact with them on some level. That might be you one day.





Well, comic’s in full swing again. I wasn’t sure that would happen, but I am so glad and grateful. I’ve taken another break from videogames on the principle that I can spend that time and energy in a more creative way. I’m not exactly sure what this means for me, but I’m hopeful. Work is going well, and I’m enjoying the time from having a part time job rather than a full time one.

I don’t think many people read this blog or see these comics. I would love for my comics to be enjoyed, but even if they’re only enjoyed by me creating them, that’s reason enough to do it.

I don’t know how long the doodle world arc will last. Provided Muffin gets roughly one color a month, it may take 5 or 6 months to restore her world, and even then, I like not having to color backgrounds, although I would like to add panels or something. I’m learning just how free you can be in illustrated narrative. Even without panels, I have no trouble following the story. Maybe we’ll have an epic climax of the arc, and then I’ll panel and color everything but the backgrounds. Maybe we’ll find a new protagonist in an old setting, or maybe return to a previous theme with fresh ideas.

Thanks for reading my comic.



I’ve been doing a comic weekly, but I’m afraid I’ve forgotten to upload them 😦

So here are the comics. We’ll still do one per week  I guess. Unless someone comments and wants to see two this week.

Okay, thanks for reading.