Speilleter Weekly #3 01212020

A little alternate history for you.

Here’s the latest Speilleter. They’re playing tabletops again. Let me explain a bit, and I may do some bios for my characters? The one with the “M” on his forehead is Milton, A Himalayan White. It’s hard for me to do brachiocephaly on him. Voltaire is an orange American Long Hair with a fur pattern that makes him look like he’s got a mustache. Clea is the Egyptian Tortoise Shell here, and Agatha, is the black American Short Hair. I greyed her here instead of using a really dark color. I’ve simplified all of them for the purpose of being punctual with a comic, as well as making it easier to read.

The graphic novella, should I finish it, should be more detailed. This comic is based on the story of the burning of the Library of Alexandria in ancient times.

Anyway, thanks for reading.

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