Speilleter Weekly #2

Okay, so this is the second comic. I’m going to try and come up with a gag a week. In this one, the cats are playing “D20 Postmodern” You need to have a very basic understanding of tabletop rpg’s and a bit of literature background.

D20 is a system of RPG that uses a d20, I believe, exclusively. A d20 is a twenty sided dice used to play many popular tabletops.

Post-modern is a literature and artistic movement. From what I understand, there is no specific meaning. A poem about butterflies could be about butterflies or fair trade. It is whatever the reader wants it to be.

So, I hope it’s not too esoteric. Maybe next week’s will be a little easier to follow. I might should introduce the characters, and once I get enough buffer, put more detail into each comic, if that works better.

Thanks for reading!

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