Okay, there was a lot of dialogue in this one. I even shrunk the text, which I hope will be okay if I ever print a book. Might have to fix that at some point.

Looks like they’re figuring it out though. Maybe the tension would’ve been better if I had Thron and Jema duke it out? And who would win? Archangel version Archdevil/dark god? Hmm, if I had enough fans, I’d probably let them vote on it or something. Maybe that can be an alternate timeline in the future. Or just poll: Who would win, Thron versus Jema. Oh no, now I’m talking too much!


So we’ve got 3 deities now. Why three is necessary? Tune in next week to find out.

Bored at a party? Hestia, what’s up?

The next god to appear should be familiar to those of you who read my work on smackjeeves. I’m thinking maybe I should spend time on shading or something. Add details to the panels. I’m getting a lot faster at making them.

Thanks for reading, and hope things heat up for you as you read. ­čÖé

Olympus Reborn

Looks like they’re making progress. And who will appear next, I wonder?

Theodyssey 1

First comic in the new series. Hopefully it heats up to your satisfaction. ┬áThron, in spite of his God’s absence, is still loyal to Him. So he’s not a Lucifer archetype. Not sure if that makes him more like Michael, or Raphael, or Metatron, or any of them. Oh well, it’s definitely just another take on an old old story. Enjoy.


I’m making this comic as a support project for the MUSH I made. Or perhaps the MUSH is a support project for the comic. Anyway, we will come back to the apartment complex attacked by Elder Evils, but not for a little while. Forgive the interruption, and thank you for reading.