Speilleter Weekly 01/04/2020

They might need to repeat kittengarden.

Okay, so, the graphic novella is still in progress. So I’m doing weekly on a new setting called Speilleter. Four cats are transported and trapped in a magic library. As the library’s magic begins to affect them, they become literate. They even start to learn a very effect based magic. So all the power, without the “price” and occult bits. Magic is more of an explanation than traditionally accepted here.

Milton is the one up top. He’s the smartest, and he’s got a photographic memory. Voltaire is the fluffy one. Clea is the tortoise shell, and Agatha is really supposed to be a black cat, but I probably should’ve just shaded her.

I will put up a colored, polished version somewhere, maybe on ko-fi for subscribers/supporters. Still, I think you get the joke. I thought it was cute. Hopefully more Speilleters with our new furry darlings will be out soon.

Praying I get back into a weekly cycle, and motivated to work on a graphic novel that’s been on the back burner.