Mordred finds the Primer

A Primer is a term borrowed from Diamond Age. Essentially it’s a computer in the form of a book that teaches you things. Mordred has a primer of superscience, and Bob has his family’s primer on divine magic. The reason they’re only ever studying one book is that the book has so much information, it might as well be a large research library, and I mean huge. Hope that explains someo f it. I’m trying to put more text into the comic as a means of exposition, but it’s not where I need it to be yet.

Hypothetically you could have a Primer on anything, although I think it lends itself to a particular subject, whether it be history, science, magic, what have you. I originally used the primer concept on a character on a text-based game. Guess it stuck.

First comic on new site

I’ve been wanting to do this arc for a while now. It’s been heavy in my fiction. I’m not sure how much I should be telling and how much I should be showing? I guess I need to show you more about the setting than just exposition. I will say that it takes place in a fictional city in a forest that is eternally in Autumn. Makai Mart is near enough to travel to, and now the world (Ai) has the resources to produce goods. So it’s not postapocalyptic like the original Makai Mart.

Without giving too much away, I think I’ll try to just give you pieces of the puzzle a little at a time.

I took a month hiatus from the comic to work on a tabletop campaign. Now I’m back to the comic. I feel rusty on my skills, but I’ll get back into it.