Maba Vs. Persephone

Okay, I hope it’s pretty self-explanatory this time. Borrowed a bit from DBZ, but this is a standard comic meme now, so.. Hope that helps.

Fena painting

I tried to get this one to work on paper and then scanned it. The proportions of this one and the next one were messed up, so it took some work to fix it.

You may recognize the character in the next one. Sorry there’s not a lot of action. I tried to keep the comics the right size. In about two comics, there will be a shift to a standard template for panels. What’s in the panels will be different, but the basic format of the comic will be the same. Hopefully it will make it easier to print books of comics when the time comes.

However, I will need something like 40 comics to make a book. If I start now, I’ll have one a year starting in 8 months. :p

At  least it’s a start, and maybe it will make them easier to follow and give them a more professional appearance. Thanks for reading.

Muffin Arc 3

I guess this one’s pretty self-explanatory. At least, I hope so.

Muffin Follows the Yellow Veined Leaf

I would like to note one of Muffin’s powers. Some people call it shifting, or teleporting. With Muffin it’s not a true teleport. She travels the space between realms, perhaps the astral plane or something similar. It’s a place connected to every realm, and is full of stars. That’s what she’s doing. Taking the leaf with her, and locking on to her destination. I don’t know if I’ll call it shifting or not. I may come up with a better name for it.

It’s a lot like falling asleep, except at the last possible moment, you pull yourself awake. In Muffin’s case, her powers cause her to enter the inbetween. Hope that helps.

The panels need work. I think I’ll try a different technique next time. Thanks for reading, and enjoy.

Muffin Arc Page 1

This little feature occurs in the series, but focuses on a different character. She’s actually the first character I ever made that was original. I started drawing her on notebook paper in the 6th grade.

Ironic that now I’m serious about doing my cartoonist career, I turn the comic towards her.

The Block

I think the comic says it pretty well. Had to add some captions where I felt the comic wasn’t clear. This is a bonus comic since the buffer is going well.  I could’ve done it digitally, but I bought a spiral and have been writing scripts and stuff in it. Figured I might was well try a physical version, and then spot edit it where needed.

Meet my Messiah

So, hopefully the comic says enough here. I see so many people putting Jesus down, maybe it’s time to just make him present. He is always present, or so we claim.

Makai Mart, Meet John Frost

I’ve done this comic before, but I rescripted and drew it again. I tried something approaching a page, but the height of the original was too much. So I essentially did the equivalent of three strips. Maybe as I improve I’ll get faster.