G141: Fantasy’s Flaw-

Jan-A girl who went comatose as a child as a result of the Pandora virus. She is an excellent programmer adventuring in the G141 matrix server.

Nue- A user of G141 whose not infected with Pandora. He hopes to persuade people to accept the cure and leave the fantasy for reality.

Monkey and Rooster-

Fai Shi-Rooster modeled by Works By Solo. Boisterous and arrogant, Fai Shi’s full name is Kai Fai Shi. Friends with Li Mei.

Li Mei-Monkey modeled by mz4250. A scholar and a scribe, Mei is often the straight man to Fai Shi’s antics. Friends with Fai Shi.

Mordred and Makai

Bob-Might not be his real name. This anthropomorphic baboon is a magician.

Mordred-The reincarnated son of Arthur Pendragon in an anthropomorphic cat’s body, this is the main character of the comic. He is very good with superscience.


Thron-an archangel who is filling in rather reluctantly for his missing creator. He hopes God will turn up soon. Will he be able to keep the secret from the other gods? What will happen when the greatests of all gods comes home?

Hestia-A goddess reclaimed from the Expanse, she is working with Thron to restore the worlds and heavens. Timid, shy, and easily captivated, she may cause trouble for her allies yet.

Jema-A dark god who is helping the others create new worlds as well as find the missing deities and artifacts. What will happen when his consort appears?

My Editor is a Dragon

Trem-A powerful magician as well as a fledgling writer. He lives in a cottage in the woods in a magical realm. Currently dealing with writer’s block. Can he handle the tension the cosmic imp known as Fen’Gal can throw at him?

Cedric-A dragon as well as an expert in the English language. He edits Trem’s work in exchange for a place to stay. Truly, they are there for mutual protection as well. Who would mess with a magician and a dragon? Trem keeps the other dragons from messing with Cedric, and Cedric keeps the undesirables away: other wizards, those on “noble” quests, and traveling salesmen.

Braun- a very attractive, macho dragon who is Cedric’s frenemy/rival. He’s always teasing Cedric about Cedric’s ears and roar.

Lylkan-A conjurer from an adjacent realm and Trem’s primary antagonist. His only power is to summon creatures from other realms. He is more of an adept than a true magician.

Up and coming

Fen’Gal- AKA Muffin. My earliest comics have Muffin as the protagonist.  She has the power of anything I draw. In the sixth grade, when I was just starting out, that might not have been that impressive. However, as I improve, it seems that her flaws and complications grow.

Alesh of Autumn-?

Mercy Greyson-?