About this Comic

Speilleter: Katzencraft- Short panel comic. Usually a gag strip. Also working on a graphic novella with the same characters but in a more detailed style.

Featuring four cats that are trapped in a magic library. The magic in the library eventually causes them to become sentient and literate. Will our heroes eventually return to their owners? Or stay in the library of Lemuria forever.

G414: Fantasy’s Flaw- On Earth-47, some people are put into long term comas by Pandora, the virus that nearly wiped out the multiverse. Their lead scientist creates an artificial dream that keeps their minds active, thus keeping them alive. A cure is found, but the humans reject the real world for the dream, which is far more pleasing.

One man struggles to convince the dreamers to return, entering G414 and crossing paths with Jan, a now grown woman who was put into the dream as a young girl.  The man hopes to understand her and come to a solution to the problem, as without his help, they will be a lost generation, having no impact or voice in the history of the real world, and leaving no footprint behind to mark their legacy.

Makai Mart is about a convenience store run by spirits and walking myths. It exists in a post apocalyptic world populated sparsely by these creatures and humans. Unfortunately most of the humans are feral, traumatized so greatly by their experiences that they are erratic and hostile.

Recently a new World Tree has brought life back to the land and healed most of the feral humans.

My Editor is a Dragon– Tremillian, a writing wizard, and Cedric, a draconic editor share a cottage in a magical realm. Their story is part fantasy, part slice of life, and part professional.

Theodyssey– God goes missing and it’s up to his angels and the other pantheons to fix the shattered multiverse. See the adventures of Thron, Hestia, and Jema as they seek to rebuild.  Based on the text-based game that is no longer available.

Trouble in Othello– set in a fictional city in Carolina, these are page comics that typically feature back story of a particular character in that city. Also where most of the devas (people with powers or sentient nonhumans) live in a Silver Age kind of comic.