Contest Complete

The characters that had the most votes were (Francine) Rivers and (Jacques) Arbuthnot. So, since the graphic novel is still only in the pencils stages, I’m thinking of replacing Clea and Voltaire with these two. Not sure, but I can’t have six characters in every panel. However, if nothing else, they will show up in the comic occasionally (Lord willing), or have their own arc.

As for the comic, I am making little comics on paper with pen and ink, but I haven’t gotten back into the schedule of one a week. And if I do, I’m not sure how best to distribute it. I saw a very funny thing on Netflix where one of the characters having a theory (or perhaps delusion) that cats are able to read. In the next shot you see a cat sitting with an open book. Very cute, and I’m sure it wasn’t in reference to my work, but it was kind of encouraging in a weird way. It definitely shows that perspective is the only thing that changes in art. The ideas, motifs, memes, have already been established. It’s perspective that makes it fresh, similarly to how a person’s attitude colors their day.

Thank you for reading!