Working in the Background

I have been working on some scripts. I’m working on a weekly version of Makai Mart. I haven’t done a lot of digital art recently. I guess I’m finding it tedious. Or maybe I’m setting myself up using the pride of life. I don’t know. I just know my comic blog hasn’t updated in a while. Maybe if I just did black and white? And maybe the characters in color? That might work. In the latest Makai Mart arc, Muffin has started working as a cashier. The story suggests that Lillith, the store manager, may be stronger than Muffin. I don’t think that’s the case, but Muffin obeys Lillith. Muffin’s problem when it comes to making mischief in the store is that Lillith is there immediately to keep her in check. Lillith just kind of appears out of nowhere.

I’m also working on a comic book or maybe a graphic novel. That I do need to work on digitally. I’ve got rough pencils for the first 8 pages. Just need to finish them up in clip paint pro.

More later.

Trem 🙂