Combined Blog?

Okay, so.. I’ve been working on the new blog for a couple years now. I’ve wanted to do a web comic and a tabletop group. Before I fell off the videogame wagon, I had combined it all under a project that attempted to put my creative passion together under one umbrella.

Then I spent two months playing Warframe of all things. I wonder if that happened because I got proud. Because I didn’t give God the glory.

Well, God gave me the opportunity to create again. He didn’t have to. In 2014 he brought me back from a near death experience. 9 IV’s of fluids and 3 hospital stays later, I began to recover.

Still, when I was sick, dying, a nun came in and prayed for me. I snapped out of my coma, said something I don’t remember, and began to heal.

So let me start this new chapter, or new page, or new paragraph, with giving God the glory. God doesn’t just save you from something. He saves you for something. Whatever your past, you have a ministry to people who have gone through or continue to go through what you did. It’s my job, and your job, and the job of every Christian to be an ambassador for the kingdom.

The sky rolled back, the stars fell, and at the last moment, before reality was torn asunder, a still small voice, and then, in a single moment, it was restored.

That’s not a quote or anything. At the end of creation, when the heavens and earth are consumed by fire, there will be a complete end, and then God will place the new Heavens and New Earth. (Rev 21 if you want to read it for yourself).

Anyway, I’m not sure what He has in store for me. It may never be another comic, or a book, or a film, or anything, but whatever it is, I pray that I am sufficient to be used by him.


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