Back in the swing

Hey, so we’re updating again. Got a bit of a buffer. It’ll be back to making one a week, and maybe if I have extra time I can do a more detailed, realistic comic. Still, I know that by doing this regularly I will get better at it. The more scripts I write, the more I paint, the more fiction, the more comics I make, I will improve.

I hope you enjoy my comic! After I finish this issue, I will probably upload a pdf of it. Unfortunately, I’ve never really done that before to my satisfaction. I need Adobe Indesign, and it’s more than I can afford right now. So I’ll need to try a third party one or else go back to ye olde Microsoft Word.


Still at it

Hey, I’m still working on Muffin and Her Sisters (name to be announced) comic. Been playing around with some watercolor painting (physical). I might look up tutorials on how to make the comic look like a watercolor painting. I would definitely experiment with it and only use it on one issue. The other webcomic is coming a lot slower. I’m having to use a lot of reference pictures (stock photos), and I haven’t been as faithful working on that one. I think I’m still working on page 1 (although it’s almost finished). I miss posting here once a week, but think that my comic will be better understood if it’s posted per issue. Hope you understand. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to email me through the contact page.