Lack of deadline and lack of product

Okay, so I’ve made it where I’m not publishing every week. The only problem with that is without a deadline I haven’t produced as much work. Maybe I can go back to trying to do a page a week, and maybe even post them here, but I want to consolidate the issues in the end and then publish them somewhere else.  Most of my comics tend to leave a lot of story hooks. I’ve followed some of them.

It’s sad. I posted almost once a week for three years, and now find that I can’t do that anymore. I think I should go back to the way it was. Publish them here, and then compile them. I’ve got all of the ones from last year’s compiled, but I haven’t really done anything with them. I’m not good at converting them. I’ve almost thought about hiring someone to do it, make them look more professional.

In addition, I have one comic that may be difficult to finish. It’s in a more realistic style, and is taking a lot of work. I may have to put that one on the back burner? Or something? I don’t think I can do a page of it a week, although I might could show my progress or something? It’s nice to know I can do more than a doodle world kind of style, but it’s definitely stretching my talent and ability. That is, however, probably a good thing.

Been trying to learn more about anatomy, trying to learn blender. I want to learn guitar more, too, so I have a lot of things to work on besides ATC’s, Tot, and making miniatures via 3d printing.

Just wanted to let you know what was up.

If you’re having trouble reading the comic, go back a few pages. The comic is a serial comic rather than episodic (for the most part). Hope that helps.

Whole Issues

Okay, so I haven’t posted page by page in a while. The reason is that a lot of people don’t understand a single page. They have to be read a few pages at a time to make sense. So, with that in mind, I’ll be releasing comics as I finish each issue. I think this will work better for everyone. Thanks for reading!