Still working on it

Hey guys, it’s Trem. I just finished Everlasting Muffin 1, and now I’m working on a new comic: Fun with Familiars, named after the tabletop module of the same name. It’s the same premise, but the story is completely different, not just adapted.

I get a lot of complaints that my comics don’t make sense when you read them. I encourage you to read them from the beginning of each arc instead of just one page of them.  That way they will be more cohesive. To this end I have decided to update when each comic is finished, rather than uploading them one page at a time.

I’m not sure my talent level is at the point where I can pull of this current story, but I’m going to try. I’m still drawing and writing, so I’m hoping that if nothing else I can attempt it again in a couple of years. Thanks for keeping up with me and reading my comics!

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