Got my stylus back

I got my stylus back! Now I can do digital art again! I think we’ll keep up with the mini’s comic for a bit, but now with digital art, paper craft, and maybe some fabric work, too, like the floor under Nogi in next week’s comic. Thanks for reading my comic!muffin and john frost doodle

Here’s a small doodle I made digitally. Hooray!

Stylus Ordered

Okay, I ordered a stylus from Wacom. Hopefully it’ll be here in time. I need it in 8 days, as the latest update is tomorrow. I was hoping to get caught up on my buffer. Well, I’ll just have to work harder. Thank you for reading my comic! We will overcome!

Updates and Stylus

Hey guys, I lost my stylus for my tablet. I’m ordering one and it should be in by Friday. I need to catch up on my buffer. So no hiatus or anything yet, but I wanted to keep you informed. Thanks for reading my comic!