Yearly vacation and hiatus

Okay, so I’d like to take the month of December off. Maybe I can catch up on the buffer, and work on this some more. The truth is that I don’t enjoy it like I used to, and comic compared to videogames, sadly, leaves me choosing videogames over the comic. I’m sad about that, but not sad enough to change. So, I’ll let you know towards the end of December ¬†what’s going on. If I can redo the buffer, then I’ll continue with the comic. If I can’t, we may be looking at a longer hiatus. I feel blocked right now. However, the block doesn’ quite extend to writing, so maybe I can do that for a while.

Thanks for reading my comic, and I covet your prayers.

Changing Websites

This site is okay for webcomics, but it’s hard to navigate around the pages. So I’m going to put the future ones on Tapastic. It’s a free service, and it’s very friendly to mobile devices. I guess I’ll update here for a few more months at least, but then you can get them on the other site. Questions or comments? Shoot me an email at