The cartoonist behind the curtain

Here’s an audio of my testimony. I know they say not to do this, not to post personal, unrelated things to the comic on your page, but this is important to me.

You don’t have to agree with me to enjoy my work. I enjoy plenty of other comics from people who are much different in belief systems than me.


Okay, so to compensate for the lack of digital comics, I’ll try to come up with physical ones until I can use my tablet again. I know they’re not colored or polished, but it’s better than not updating. These probably won’t be in the book I plan on printing, if the Lord wills.

Thanks for reading my comic. I hope we get back to the regular stuff. Maybe I can try a Makai Mart themed one next.

Lost cable

Okay guys, we’ve hit a snag. I’ve lost the adapter for the bamboo tablet that attaches to the computer. The new one won’t be in for a couple weeks? What does this mean for you? Nothing yet. The comic has 3 weeks of buffer left. However, what it means later, is that there may be a brief hiatus while I try to rebuild the buffer. I don’t want to have to do it week to week. It’s better for all of us this way. It comes in a couple weeks. Just wanted to let you guys know.

Thanks for reading my comic!