What’s up with me

Hey. Thanks for reading the web comic. Without getting too much into my personal life (which is not what this site is about), I just wanted to post maybe a monthly entry to let you know what’s going on.

The comic’s going well, right now it’s buffered up to 3 weeks. If I get it a month buffer, I might try and update twice  a week. No guarantee here, but that might make it better for you guys. More content, especially quality content, is the reason you come here.

You’ll note we’re changing themes to My Editor is a Dragon. When I first put the comic on smackjeeves, I would occasionally change what it was about. I’d have an idea for a related comic in the same universe, and start writing scripts for it and creating comics with it.

There is a limit to the number of settings/themes you’ll see here, so don’t think I’m going to throw you into something completely new every few months. There are only 4 settings:

Trouble in Othello

Makai Mart


& My Editor is a Dragon.

Every one of the comics is set in one of these. Makai Mart includes Mordred and Makai, and Trouble in Othello reads like an actual book instead of just having panels updated every week. I’ve done Trouble in Othello twice, and it’s based on a tabletop module I made a few years back.

We did a lot of Theodyssey, so, after we’ve published a good bit of MEIAD (My editor is a dragon), I’d like to go back to Makai Mart and really work with the settings, Frost, and some other characters.

That’s what I’m up to comic wise. Hope all is well with you. It would be cool to have a guest strip every once in a while, too. In addition, I’m publishing the comic on Tapastic as well to gain more exposure for it. While the quality of the work is generally improving, I’m trying to draw and write every day to get better on all aspects of the comic.


Thanks for reading, and  enjoy!