Shifting of Update Times


I’ve look at the site analytics and discovered that most people look for the comic to update at Friday around 5:00 pm. So I’ve shifted the buffer to reflect this. From now on the comic should update at that time. We’ll see if it’s harder to keep up with the updates, but I don’t think it’ll be a big problem, Lord willing.

I’ve made several different settings that I’ve used over the past two years (as seen on smackjeeves). I’m going to push my writing and try to change settings as little as possible, but eventually the comic’s focus will shift.

I’ll lay out the premises.

1) Makai Mart-a convenience store run by spirits in a post-apocalyptic world with feral humans featuring John Frost, a winter spirit who works frozen.

Update-World Tree restores the world and the humans, in Ai, a dual world resembling a d-orbital electron.

2) My editor is a dragon-Trem is a writer/wizard who lives with his editor, a fiery dragon. They mostly rely on each other for mutual protection.

Update-After the Avatar of Imbalance shows up, things get a bit hairy for our duo, as they face increased tension on their relationships and in their individual lives.

3) Trouble in Othello-An X-files light setting where metahumans are appearing and a private security company, Seed Sower, seeks to keep the peace and maintain the appearance of normalcy.

Update-see The Unlikely Shop Keeper and the Red Wizard for this storyline. The previous setting in the list

4) Theodyssey-The Multiverse is destroyed by a plague called Pandora. God seems to have vanished. An archangel named Thron creates a pocket realm for the other angels and seeks to restore the worlds by searching for other gods and artifacts and adding their power to his own.

Update-Current setting