Okay, I’ve got the latest comic almost done, but I think I’m going to try and expand it into three comics. My small fanbase is complaining of incomprehensibility of my work. I either need to slow it down, explain more, or do pages again. Or else, work on a strip where I try to come up with jokes. I’m not funny intentionally, so I’m going to try to expand this. So when you see the comic with the Light and Darkness embodiments, expect to see them expanded. I’ll then ask my readers to read both, and see if they prefer the latter. I may have to increase the length of the panels (vertically) for a more cohesive effect.

Thanks for reading. This will probably be the last blog entry that posts to facebook. I’m working with a great company, but I don’t want something from my creative work to negatively affect my job. I may change this decision later. I’ll probably need to make an RSS feed for my offline audience to keep up with, since it won’t be on facebook.


Working possibly full time

The comic has been hard to work on in addition to working full-time. I’m hoping to keep the hours down to give me three days off a week. I’ve got to get to work tomorrow on the script  and at least one comic done, maybe two this week.

Im not giving up, though. Thanks for reading. If the comic is hard to follow, try reading it from the beginning. It should help.

New Direction

I’m going to try something a little more obvious. Maybe too obvious. Ahh well, it’s my comic, and I just want to get better at the craft. I hope it’s not too preachy, and it remains interesting. Expect a new focus as the new year begins

Blog about work?

Okay, so I have a personal website/blog, but I’m thinking about using this as a creative blog. That is, comics, art work, writing, flash fiction, or whatever, will be published here. I’m not really sure what I’ll do with the old site, except that I’m keeping it online for the time being. The reason I made this site is that it allows me to easily update the webcomic without competing for screentime with other comics hosted on the same site. So perhaps this site should be devoted to the comic and the other stuff should go on the other blog.  The other site is http://takingupthemantle.squarespace.com/

I’ve blogged for about 3 years now. During that time I made a contract with an agent, but I wasn’t really ready to publish anything. I think I made the contract just to prove to myself that this was a real possibility: supporting myself through my writing/art and other creations.

If there’s anything you want to see typical of webcomics (or atypical), ask the cast, or explore a backstory, or just have suggestions, let me know. I love to get your feedback. The comic has kind of a minimalist feel to it. I think I just want to put it online and use it to practice my drawing and scripting skills. I don’t think it’s at a professional level yet, but maybe in a couple years I’ll feel more comfortable with my style and ability.

More later, and thanks for reading.