Test post

Okay, so I don’t know exactly how to say this or what to say. I feel like my comic needs some work. For those of you that love to read it, thank you so much! I’m going to continue making it. However, to publicize it as it is now, before I feel like I’ve gotten my style fully developed as writing goes as well as art, I want to take it off of some social media. It will be on facebook and tapastic and of course the website. Here is the link to tapastic.


I think I owe that site an update. Anyway, if you like the comic, short of a con, that’s where you’ll find it, other than the website. I am so proud of it’s two year run, and hope to do at least 8 more years, but who knows? During that time I will be reading and making physical art. I hope that will keep me improving.

If you would like to email a note or communicate with me, you can at kllyhl3000@icloud.com

Thank you for your support. This is not the end. We will continue.


New format

I’m going to try to use more of my text in the box below my comic and put it into the comic. I’m not sure where to start. Theodyssey went pretty well and I thought I wanted to go back to it.

So, there might be a week without a comic. If I can’t keep up with a page a week (and it probably won’t be colored), I’ll go back to the original type.


The cartoonist behind the curtain

Here’s an audio of my testimony. I know they say not to do this, not to post personal, unrelated things to the comic on your page, but this is important to me.

You don’t have to agree with me to enjoy my work. I enjoy plenty of other comics from people who are much different in belief systems than me.



Okay, so to compensate for the lack of digital comics, I’ll try to come up with physical ones until I can use my tablet again. I know they’re not colored or polished, but it’s better than not updating. These probably won’t be in the book I plan on printing, if the Lord wills.

Thanks for reading my comic. I hope we get back to the regular stuff. Maybe I can try a Makai Mart themed one next.


Lost cable

Okay guys, we’ve hit a snag. I’ve lost the adapter for the bamboo tablet that attaches to the computer. The new one won’t be in for a couple weeks? What does this mean for you? Nothing yet. The comic has 3 weeks of buffer left. However, what it means later, is that there may be a brief hiatus while I try to rebuild the buffer. I don’t want to have to do it week to week. It’s better for all of us this way. It comes in a couple weeks. Just wanted to let you guys know.

Thanks for reading my comic!


Comicon coming up in Texarkana

Costume’s almost finished, and I’m excited to get back to the convention and network with more creators. I thought maybe I could use a writer to help me with my comic, and while that might be nice, I realized that while my abilities are limited, I can make comics by myself, at least in this stage in my life. So I’m more of a cartoonist than a writer or artist, although I do those things, too.

I feel better about it. Even though I have a lot to learn in both aspects of cartooning, it’s a goal that doesn’t depend on anyone but God and me. I read a book once that said,”Pray like it depends on God, and work like it depends on you” I think that’s a good attitude to have.

What’s the verse? “Cast your bread on the waters, and after many days it will return to you” I’m not sure if that’s the most appropriate one, as I’m not sure I understand it. I think it means do your best at everything and be generous with what you have, and you will be repaid. So that’s one of the lessons I’m working on.


In addition, it appears a lot of you are reading the comic around 3 pm. So I’ve moved up the update time to reflect that. Granted, there’s only so early I can go without shortening it to more than once a week, but we’ll work on it. For now comic updates Friday at 3 pm. Thanks for reading my comic!


So Weird

It’s weird looking at the current comic on the website. I already know what’s going to happen, and I’d like to think that I have improved in the month or so of making them. The one I’m about to upload is, I feel, better in quality than the one you’re reading right now.

Then again, as I make them, I’m reminded that this a life long journey, even if it remains a hobby. I see flaws, get stuck wondering how to make the page on my computer look like the page or even its shadow in my mind.

Thanks for reading. I experimented with some advertising today, so maybe that will garner a few more fans. I think that the best thing to do is to keep practicing, to keep making comics, as I will reap the rewards only through perseverance and hard work, even if that reward is only a great comic, and not money or notoriety.


What’s up with me

Hey. Thanks for reading the web comic. Without getting too much into my personal life (which is not what this site is about), I just wanted to post maybe a monthly entry to let you know what’s going on.

The comic’s going well, right now it’s buffered up to 3 weeks. If I get it a month buffer, I might try and update twice  a week. No guarantee here, but that might make it better for you guys. More content, especially quality content, is the reason you come here.

You’ll note we’re changing themes to My Editor is a Dragon. When I first put the comic on smackjeeves, I would occasionally change what it was about. I’d have an idea for a related comic in the same universe, and start writing scripts for it and creating comics with it.

There is a limit to the number of settings/themes you’ll see here, so don’t think I’m going to throw you into something completely new every few months. There are only 4 settings:

Trouble in Othello

Makai Mart


& My Editor is a Dragon.

Every one of the comics is set in one of these. Makai Mart includes Mordred and Makai, and Trouble in Othello reads like an actual book instead of just having panels updated every week. I’ve done Trouble in Othello twice, and it’s based on a tabletop module I made a few years back.

We did a lot of Theodyssey, so, after we’ve published a good bit of MEIAD (My editor is a dragon), I’d like to go back to Makai Mart and really work with the settings, Frost, and some other characters.

That’s what I’m up to comic wise. Hope all is well with you. It would be cool to have a guest strip every once in a while, too. In addition, I’m publishing the comic on Tapastic as well to gain more exposure for it. While the quality of the work is generally improving, I’m trying to draw and write every day to get better on all aspects of the comic.


Thanks for reading, and  enjoy!



Shifting of Update Times


I’ve look at the site analytics and discovered that most people look for the comic to update at Friday around 5:00 pm. So I’ve shifted the buffer to reflect this. From now on the comic should update at that time. We’ll see if it’s harder to keep up with the updates, but I don’t think it’ll be a big problem, Lord willing.

I’ve made several different settings that I’ve used over the past two years (as seen on smackjeeves). I’m going to push my writing and try to change settings as little as possible, but eventually the comic’s focus will shift.

I’ll lay out the premises.

1) Makai Mart-a convenience store run by spirits in a post-apocalyptic world with feral humans featuring John Frost, a winter spirit who works frozen.

Update-World Tree restores the world and the humans, in Ai, a dual world resembling a d-orbital electron.

2) My editor is a dragon-Trem is a writer/wizard who lives with his editor, a fiery dragon. They mostly rely on each other for mutual protection.

Update-After the Avatar of Imbalance shows up, things get a bit hairy for our duo, as they face increased tension on their relationships and in their individual lives.

3) Trouble in Othello-An X-files light setting where metahumans are appearing and a private security company, Seed Sower, seeks to keep the peace and maintain the appearance of normalcy.

Update-see The Unlikely Shop Keeper and the Red Wizard for this storyline. The previous setting in the list

4) Theodyssey-The Multiverse is destroyed by a plague called Pandora. God seems to have vanished. An archangel named Thron creates a pocket realm for the other angels and seeks to restore the worlds by searching for other gods and artifacts and adding their power to his own.

Update-Current setting


Finished next week’s comic

Got the comic done. Still, I need to do two a week. I found myself not wanting to do it. The hobby isn’t as fun as it used to be. Still, to get to a professional level, I must press on. Sorry for the double post, Facebook friends.

It’s taking me a lot less time to do them, but a lot of the reason the art is improving is because of art class. Well, again, thanks for reading.