Still working on it

Hey guys, it’s Trem. I just finished Everlasting Muffin 1, and now I’m working on a new comic: Fun with Familiars, named after the tabletop module of the same name. It’s the same premise, but the story is completely different, not just adapted.

I get a lot of complaints that my comics don’t make sense when you read them. I encourage you to read them from the beginning of each arc instead of just one page of them.  That way they will be more cohesive. To this end I have decided to update when each comic is finished, rather than uploading them one page at a time.

I’m not sure my talent level is at the point where I can pull of this current story, but I’m going to try. I’m still drawing and writing, so I’m hoping that if nothing else I can attempt it again in a couple of years. Thanks for keeping up with me and reading my comics!


More detail, hopefully

I’m working on improving the quality of the comic pages. This may mean that I may not be able to produce them as quickly. I’m also taking a break from Everlasting Muffin, and working on a new comic set in Othello but with new characters. I hope you enjoy it, but I’m not sure if I’ll put it up here or as a pdf on my site. Guess I should try to have something each week for you here, even if it’s just a sketch or something.


Thanks for reading, and sorry for the hiatus!


Comic Rebirth!?

Okay, so when I stopped drawing my comic, I was taking care of M. in her injury. I really didn’t have the time or drive to make comics. I was afraid I wouldn’t make anymore or that it would be a long time.

Well, I can still make comics! Praise Jesus and His Spirit who allows me to create!

I’m grateful for your readership as well. I’ll be moving to complete pages for most comics, except for panels in terms of gag/short strips. Doing a whole page helps, although I’m still learning how to lay out the panels. I wish there was a class or some kind of youtube video. Anyway, I’m babbling so.. Thanks for reading my comic! Come back next week. The comic will probably update next Friday, as I already did two this week!


A more cooperative approach

Okay, so, I was able to make a comic yesterday. I want to do strips for a while. They’ll be self contianed, hopefully, and maybe if I have enough time/drive, I can make pages of comics to put in pdf’s online to sell. We’ll see. I’m about to upload this one. It’s about a red panda, magic chameleon, and a minor death god who hang out together.

It’s silly, but it’s inspired by some of my friends. I don’t know if I’ll keep this one or change to a new premise (again). We’ll have to see.



I am not really feeling the comic right now. The last update was Friday. I have until this Friday to get another comic up. I hope I do. I’ve been not making comics for two weeks.

This may be a break for the comic, if so, I hope you will understand. I just don’t feel motivated right now. Maybe I can take a month off or something, try again or try a new comic idea.

Thank you for reading my comic!


Lack of Posts

Sorry guys. I wasn’t watching the updates and we got behind. So I have two weeks scheduled. I almost put them up together today, which would’ve left no buffer but would’ve caught you up and paid what I owe you, I guess?

October is a hard month for me, so I’ll try to be more together in the future. Thanks for reading my comic!

I’m going to start a new comic soon, something I’m excited about. I hope you’ll be excited about it, too.



I want to make the comic better. The art will come in time, but I’m working on the writing of the scripts. Trying to do something I find interesting, compelling. Please be patient with me.  I want a better comic for all of us, and I’m hoping that’s what will come about. October is almost over, and it’s not been so bad, but I’ve got some stuff coming up at the end of the month, so..

Thanks for reading, and Lord willing, we’ll be back and kicking!


Comic back to normal

Okay, the block is gone. So comic’s moving on as normal. Only problem is that the Tapas one is ahead by a few weeks. That’s because there were some comics I deemed to personal to put up there. So I need to put some buffer up to help me sync them. I’m not really sure the best way to do this.  Please be patient.

Thanks for reading my comic!


Got my stylus back

I got my stylus back! Now I can do digital art again! I think we’ll keep up with the mini’s comic for a bit, but now with digital art, paper craft, and maybe some fabric work, too, like the floor under Nogi in next week’s comic. Thanks for reading my comic!muffin and john frost doodle

Here’s a small doodle I made digitally. Hooray!


Stylus Ordered

Okay, I ordered a stylus from Wacom. Hopefully it’ll be here in time. I need it in 8 days, as the latest update is tomorrow. I was hoping to get caught up on my buffer. Well, I’ll just have to work harder. Thank you for reading my comic! We will overcome!