Archive Restored

Okay, so I replaced all of the missing images. The comics should make more sense and have more of a sense of closure. Hope that helps. Thanks for reading my comic!


Missing Comics

Okay, so, we are missing some comic images in the archives. I’m going to go back through my computer and my hard drives and put them back up. It’s going to take some time, but it is affecting my archives, and potentially readers. I do have the files, though. Hmm. Well, more work to do.



PTL! A comic!?

Okay, so I finished a comic yesterday. I am really grateful to God because I haven’t done that in so long. I spent about 4 or 5 months on Warframe, and really felt writer’s block for another few months before that.

So, God helped me kick Warframe (mostly for health reasons), and now.. I can create. Another weird thing I learned about my creative process is that watching Netflix seems to kind of help refill the well. I know the Holy Spirit helps Christian artists, but sometimes we get kind of dry. We have to keep putting water in the well if we want to continue to draw from it.

I just don’t know what I want to do with these comics. It really depends on how I measure success. If making money or having a lot of fans of my comic is how I measure it, I imagine I won’t feel good about it. If I enjoy making them, and share them with those closest to me, maybe that’s better.

I’ll probably go ahead and post them here. I’m not sure what else to do really. Maybe I should wait until I have 3 or 4 done? That way you can get more of a sense of the story. We’ll have to see.



Lexicon, Lord willing

Okay, so for Christmas, I want to make a Lexicon of all my material, to share with E. and M. I want their books to be special though, so I may need to put original art in them, that’s different in each one. I don’t know, this is all if the Lord wills.

I’m just not sure yet, but it’s what I seem to be working on. I feel like it’s pretty low priority to me, though. I have a lot of responsibilities, but I long to make it into a career or be recognized for my talent. However, those aren’t goals, but desires. And if God likes my comic, a smile from Him is worth more than a standing ovation in a football stadium.

More later, but know I am working, praise the Lord.


Christmas Gift

Okay, so, I’m working on kind of a lexicon or precursor to an omnibus for Christmas. I want to give M. and E. something special, something that requires work and thought. Granted, I still want to make comics, Lord willing, and send those out at Christmas or something, maybe with an occasional Spirit of Christmas kind of theme, like the comics used to do back in the early days (not sure which decade, but remembering hearing about it). Most of the artists and writers that made those stories were Jewish, so it was probably a little hard having to make those. I guess it’d be like me doing a comic centered around something like Kwanza or Ramadan. Isn’t there something in Islam that’s against icons? That is, they don’t like people drawing Isa (Jesus) or especially Muhammad. So, yeah, that comic would probably not be well received.

So, more on that later. I want to try to start another year’s worth of comics, and make another annual. I have the comics from 2016-2018, where the Lord helped me be very creative and industrious. I think I did something like 12 or 14 different comics that year? In 2019 I may have completed one, although I worked on several.

I don’t know if it’s God’s will that I pursue comics. I mean, do I do it for friends and family? Do I sell them? License them somehow? Get syndicated and make one a week for the next however long? Not sure. What I do know is that I want to start again. I pray the Lord helps me. I would like to do a weekly strip, probably periodic rather than episodic. So storylines and arcs and all that. We’ll just have to see.



Combined Blog?

Okay, so.. I’ve been working on the new blog for a couple years now. I’ve wanted to do a web comic and a tabletop group. Before I fell off the videogame wagon, I had combined it all under a project that attempted to put my creative passion together under one umbrella.

Then I spent two months playing Warframe of all things. I wonder if that happened because I got proud. Because I didn’t give God the glory.

Well, God gave me the opportunity to create again. He didn’t have to. In 2014 he brought me back from a near death experience. 9 IV’s of fluids and 3 hospital stays later, I began to recover.

Still, when I was sick, dying, a nun came in and prayed for me. I snapped out of my coma, said something I don’t remember, and began to heal.

So let me start this new chapter, or new page, or new paragraph, with giving God the glory. God doesn’t just save you from something. He saves you for something. Whatever your past, you have a ministry to people who have gone through or continue to go through what you did. It’s my job, and your job, and the job of every Christian to be an ambassador for the kingdom.

The sky rolled back, the stars fell, and at the last moment, before reality was torn asunder, a still small voice, and then, in a single moment, it was restored.

That’s not a quote or anything. At the end of creation, when the heavens and earth are consumed by fire, there will be a complete end, and then God will place the new Heavens and New Earth. (Rev 21 if you want to read it for yourself).

Anyway, I’m not sure what He has in store for me. It may never be another comic, or a book, or a film, or anything, but whatever it is, I pray that I am sufficient to be used by him.



Blocked on Comics?

Okay, so I have been making some comics, but nothing weekly. I’ve got a couple pages done in an issue form of a comic. I did manage a one panel gag which I was pretty proud of. It’s been a while since I posted on this website. I haven’t forgotten you, just not sure how to reach you.

I started a mailing list that gets updates and a group text that also gets them. It seems a little more focused, a little more purposeful. I’m hoping that’s a better way to go.

You can also check out my new blog.

I guess that’s all that’s really going on. Thank you for reading, and I hope you like the new site. I’ll try to update you when I finish projects, although what exactly I’m going to do with them, I’m not sure.



Okay, so, I’ve decided to publish more web comics for now. I do want to make things to sell, and that will be separate, but I really like having a weekly deadline. It keeps me motivated to create, keep my feet to the fire so to speak.

Having said that, I still feel like I need direction, a mentor, or someone who can advise me on how to make my comics better. They’re decent, and I know that if I do enough of them, if I work on my art and writing, eventually they will improve. However, I have to keep publishing them, keep updating, and all that. Meanwhile, I have plenty of stand alone stories to tell in other mediums, for money.

Thanks for reading, and hope I didn’t spook you with the previous post.


Webcomic Suspended

Hey guys. I’ve decided that after the Muffin and Sisters arc, I’ll be taking a break from webcomics. Now, I won’t stop making comics, but I won’t be publishing them for free on this website. The website will stay up, I don’t intend on changing that. I may add little things here or there.

I currently have four scripts I’m working on. I recently did a page of pencils only to realize I’ll have to redo it. I want to sell pdf’s of my comics online and print on demand, especially for conventions and such. I hope you have enjoyed reading my comics as much as I’ve enjoyed making them. I may occasionally post strips and such here, but.. I’m working on things, and working on new ways to present them.

Thank you for your support.  You can keep up with me on my personal blog.

Thanks for reading.